End Of The World??

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is there really something to all those theory’s out there that say the world is ending soon but is this really the case??

i am of the opinion that the answer is no.  i have done a lot of research along with a friend of mine and i have come to the conclusion that whatever is going on with the world it’s not the end. there are a lot of natural events that might possibly give the impression of a E.L.E (extinction level event) happening  but i think if it was going to happen then the signs would be bigger. the earth would be SCREAMING at us. yes there a lot of big quakes happening and a few are quite jaw-dropping but i believe and i hope im wrong, but i believe that these events would be happening daily if the end of the world was about to happen.


i would love to hear your theories and opinions on what you think is happening but the only one person that has the answer is GOD almighty xx

peace skywatcher xx


one foot forward

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today i was baptised!

for me this signifies a new beginning for me. i am starting afresh with a new outlook on life and feel so privileged to share to with those who want to be apart of it.

i am so thankful to have such wonderful people around me and a great church to call home. now i know it’s not perfect and has a lot to learn but september this year will be a new beginning for my church and i feel as thought this is there step in the right direction towards progress x

i am still basking in the love of our lord jesus christ but i just wanted to share with u a verse from the bible that has been planted in my heart since last night

JOHN 10 VS 27-30 (NASB)


good night and god bless u all i hope the lord touches you as he has done me. put one foot forward and make a change in your lives

skywatcher xx

when the going gets tough

Inspirational Bible Verses

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as of late ive been going through a lot and have needed something to guide me. the other night I found myself turning to my bible and felt the urge to read psalms as I opened it my bible fell upon psalm 62 and just thought I would share part of it with you

My soul, wait in silence for God only,

For my hope is from Him.

He only is my rock and my salvation,

My stronghold; I shall not be shaken.

On God my salvation and my glory rest;

The rock of my strength, my refuge is in


Trust in Him at all times, O people;

Pour out your heart before Him;

God is refuge for us.

psalm 62 v.5-8 (nasb)

this really hit home to me and helped me through a lot of my troubles.

just remember that when you’re in need of strength and are looking for salvation turn to god and he will be your rock. stop depending on people and trust in god nothing will be able to shake you.

this im still working on but hopefully I will master it and god will provide all I need

god bless you all

skywatcher xx

hard times

I have had a really tough time these past few weeks/months. not many people know but recently I separated from my husband of four years due to domestic violence. for me this was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do as I am so madly in love with him.

now don’t get me wrong, im not making excuses but what he did was totally out of character for him to do. he’s usually a loving kind helpful man and a wonderful father to our two children. what happened was a build up of things where we were unable to talk to each other about situations in our lives that had spiralled out of control which eventually led to him hitting me. at the time it happened I never wanted to see him again because I was hurting so I had him arrested.  he was charged with assault by beating and had to pay me compensation which I felt only scratched the surface of what I wanted to happen to him, but all that was just the anger talking.

now ive had time to reflect on the events which led to this happening I understand that both of us were struggling with things which had happened in the past which neither of us had faced up to.

we met a secondary school when I was just 15, I fell so in love with him then but as I had had a difficult childhood I was afraid of love and screwed it all up by hurting him and sleeping with someone else.

we spent four years apart and the whole time I was away from him he was all I ever thought about. I did meet someone in those four years and it was a relationship which resulted in me having my first child at the age of 18. but it was never a happy relationship. the man I was with was a nasty man right to his core and although I regret the relationship I don’t regret my daughter. I was emotionally and physically abused by him the entire time, I lost my friends and I lost my job as a result of this and somewhere along the line I lost myself.

then it all changed for me. I saw what this relationship was doing to my daughter and I couldn’t face the rest of my life knowing I was with a man who used us as objects to get what he wanted so I found the strength to leave him after four long hard years. around the same time that same boy I fell in love with at school came to me like a light shining through the darkness and helped me to be strong. he made me see why I had fallen in love with him all those years before back at school.

some people might say he was a rebound relationship, some others might say it was a whirlwind romance but to me it was my soul mate finally coming to save me from what I had become.

at first our relationship was amazing! he took on my daughter like she was his own flesh and blood and was everything to me that I ever wanted but I took him for granted. we got back together in the September of 2006 and shortly after that he proposed to me. we was going to wait until the following September to get married but due to close family members becoming ill we moved the wedding forward to April 2007. sadly the one person who we both wanted to be there died on the 2nd April, his mother. she was one amazing person, a true angel living on earth and she is greatly missed. the wedding still went ahead on the 28th but we could all tell that she was missing.

a few weeks after the wedding I found out I was pregnant with my second child to this day I still think of him as my little miracle. its like he was put in me to help me cope with what was going to happen and to keep me focused on the important things like my family. sadly that year we also lost another important member of our family, this time it was my granddad. he was my role model, my strength and almost like a dad to me so I took this very hard.  but fortunately I had my unborn son to keep me on track.

the day he was born was an amazing day for me and my husband and I will remember it for the rest of my life, because for me that moment was everything I had ever dreamed about, everything I had ever hoped for and yet it was sooo much more that I can describe.

things were ok for a while afterwards I suppose if there was a problem I did what I always did and avoid it and just got on with things and as I look back I suppose my husband did the same, untill he began to get ill.

I guess my husband has been struggling with his mums death since it happened and I suppose it was another one of those things that I avoided as I was grieving for my granddad. he had lost so much weight in such a short time that I was finding it almost impossible to ask if he was ok. I watched his body become weak and just swept it under the carpet like all the rest of our problems. until I started the alpha course at my local church.

I started to believe that there was light at the end of the tunnel and that things could be ok if I started to talk about them. but I still wasn’t ready to talk to people so I found a way to talk to god through prayer. the very first time I did I felt as thought a whole weight was lifted from me and the rush of being able to do that was so unbelievably amazing! that was the day I started my journey.

although my marriage continued to break down I was ok because I had found god. I had found someone who would not discriminate because of my past, someone who would love me no matter what decision I made and would always be there for me. I felt safe.

as I was coming to the end of the course my marriage was over and I found myself as a single parent with two wonderful children. I was missing a huge part of me but still I was able to continue day by day and for that im still amazed by to this day.

we did briefly get back together and give it another go but things were so different I hardly recognised my husband anymore. I was living with a stranger. we no longer was that happy in love couple we was when we had started out in 2006 and that was upsetting. again problems were avoided and eventually let to my husband being arrested for hitting me.

I suppose as I think about it maby if I had talked to him more and vice-versa maby things would never have got that bad. if we faced up to things instead of running away then who knows maby we would still be together today.

choices lead us all down different paths and maby if I had made different ones I would not be here today writing this, but truth be told, as heartbroken as I am, im glad im here. I have made many mistakes in my life, made one to many bad choices but with the strength and love of the people around me today I have made it! im happy with where my life is headed and im thankful for that. if I ever start loosing my faith in god I sit down and take a look at my past and see how he has been there  with me, holding my hand every step of the way.

I am not preaching im just sharing my life with you so you can have a better understanding of who I am.

my name is lianne smith im 25 years old and just beginning my life! I have so much more to look forward to and so many people around me to help me along the way . thank you everyone x I love you all xx

power of prayer

i havent been on here recently and that’s because i lost my inspiration. it has been a very hard journey but fortunately i think im back on track.

it all got me thinking though about a lot of things and one thing that stood out for me was although i know that i have to face my problems by myself im never truly alone. im so thankful i have found the lord to guide me and offer me strength when i need it most.

it struck me more than ever how relevent the footsteps in the sand poem is relevent to my life as im sure its relevent to many of yours out there!

i felt as thought a big black cloud was taking over my life and i had lost my way because i had lost my faith. now don’t get me wrong i still went to church and still had all my friends and family around me but i felt very isolated. i felt as though i was just going through the motions to please everyone else and to prove i was ok when inside i was really dying. i felt like screaming at everyone to look beneath the surface and see that i was hurting but no-one did. that’s when i fell to my knees and prayed harder and more passionate that i have ever done before.

im not saying that my prayer was answered there and then but just that initial asking for help was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and from that moment on i was able to ask my friends and family for the help i needed.

people around me started to notice that there was something wrong and were so kind in helping me to get back on my feet again and reminded me why i loved them in the frist place as my family at church. im so grateful for these people and im grateful to have the love of my god to help and guide me through every step of my life


amen xx

end times???

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are all these earthquakes a sign of something bigger to come?

as we all know japan has been tortured by earthquakes since its big one but now quakes are happening more frequently around the world. is this just mother nature or is it something else?

many people say the earth is going through a transitional phase and that there is the possibility of a pole shift taking place, do we believe this? surly the bible verses in revelations are now becoming relevent about the earth being shaken?

some people also believe that this might have something to do with “planet x” but why are theer no specific answers about this. are we being spoon fed lies? I know I ask a lot of questions and give few answers but in all my research I cannot find one sure-fire thing that can tell me what is happening to our planet. is the truth that we really don’t know? with all the modern tech we have today there must be something that can tell us.

as we can see here Greece had a big, non-catastrophic earthquake


japan has been plagued by “aftershocks” and there are many other places that are being struck by these quakes aswell


is there something out there that is the cause of these? I still have a lot to look into on this subject and am far from being an expert but I do find all this very interesting!

So The World May Know


I don’t know.  Maybe it’s just me.  But this one?  Probably the best lyrics I’ve heard.  Totally just got to me.
The nerve pain hit again hard.  The weird neck stuff.  Then my legs feeling like jelly.  I can’t lie.  I felt really terrible.  I was just praying… I have so much peace.  So much peace. I know God is more than enough for me!!  It is so beyond what I can comprehend.  I just can’t contain His Love.  It’s so so so beautiful
This song got to me… because it’s almost the exact way I’ve been praying.  I want to care at the level God cared.  I want to understand more about the gospel than anything else in this world.  I don’t want to serve God for His stuff… or for personal comfort… but instead completely and fully for His Glory.  I want to be strong because through weakness, we are made strong.  I want to be so captivated by God that I’m willing to give up everything.. pour our my life.. no matter what… so that He is glorified.  The burning in me that wants more of Jesus is greater than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life.  I want to lay down everything and die completely to myself… I want God to search my heart and light me on fire completely for His Glory.  I know that with Him nothing is impossible.  I’m not strong enough but God is more than enough
So I heard this song.. and I thought “wow God  –  THIS IS IT”
Totally put the desires of my heart in one song.  Wanted to share it with y’all and hope it blesses you as much as it blessed me.
Now I’m ready to hit the sack with an overflowing and grateful heart that is focused on Jesus.  Time after time, He is faithful.   So so so faithful.   My hope is in the Lord.


You thought of us before the world began to breathe
And you knew our names before we came to be
You saw the very day we’d fall away from you
And how desperately we need to be redeemed

Lord Jesus come lead us
We’re desperate for your touch

Oh Great and Mighty One, with one desire we come
That you would reign, that you would reign in us
We’re offering up our lives, a living sacrifice
That you would reign, that you would reign in us

Spirit of the Living God fall fresh again
Come search our hearts and purify our lives
We need your perfect love
We need your discipline
We’re lost unless you guide us with your light

Lord Jesus come lead us
We’re desperate for your touch

We cry out
For your love to refine us cry out
For your love to define us cry out
For your mercy to keep us blameless until you return

You would reign in us

So reign, please reign in us
Come purify our hearts we need your touch
Come cleanse us like a flood and send us out
So the world may know you reign, you reign in us




is the church going wrong?

i was at church this morning and i was overwhelmed by the utter nonsense they were preaching so much so that i was bought to tears.

yet again i felt as though my church were just paying “lip service” and i really feel that this church is starting to stray for the true message of the bible. their hearts might well be in the right place but they are being ruled by their heads.

as i was sitting there all that kept going through my head was Isaiah 29:13

Then the lord said:

“because this people draw near with

their words

And honor me with their lip service,

but they remove their hearts far from me,

and their reverence for me consists of

tradition by rote

it then goes on to say in verse 13

therefore behold i will once again deal

marvelously with this people,

wondrously marvelous;

and the wisdom of their wise men will


and the discernment of their discerning

men will be conceived”

this i feel is so relevant to my church as i feel they are taking Christ in the wrong direction.

it saddens me that these so-called leaders are so passionless and think that if they say the right words they are doing the right thing.

whats your view on your church??

i feel something needs to be said to them but what can i do if they don’t want to listen. the leaders are so unapproachable its shocking! if your willing to stand there a do a sermon then you should be willing to meet and answer questions from your parish. every other church ive been to have been fine with this so why is my church not??

sorry i feel as tho ive been ranting but thanx for taking the time to read

good night and god bless

skywatcher xxx

christians at risk

i have been reading about the sacrifices some people make for their religion and it bring me to tears to hear about the things these people have to go through for their faith.

here are just a few examples:


after the uprising in Egypt, Libya has been plunged into chaos as rebel forces try to oust colonel Gaddafi from power. we don’t yet know the effect this has on Libya’s small church but in the current volatile situation , everything that is ‘different’ is a cause for suspicion, and many believers are scared of what could happen to them.

fears are also being expressed by the larger expat church made up of mainly african believers who are worried for their safety on two counts: for being believers and for being black Africans.

“its much worse than what you see on the news” one open doors contact has said “there are no police in the street, no safety and protection anymore. please pray for Libya and for the christians…pray the almost impossible prayer that Gaddafi will come to his senses and that peace can be restored. christians are afraid it will become civil war, and that will damage so many things”

please pray for Libya prey for an end to the violence and pray for the safety of indigenous believers and foreign christians.


at least one christian was killed and more than 3,000 displaced when thousands of muslim extremists set fire to 59 churches and 28 homes in Asendabo, Jimma.  the violence began on the 1st march after muslims accused christians of tearing up a copy of the Quran. more than 400 christians fled to Jimma Town, where they were welcomed by local christians who broke into tears, crying out to god to intervene in the attacks. the numbers of the displaced are increasing daily. one church worker said that at least 2,500 believers were huddled in a place called Ako without food or shelter or medicine.

please I urge you to keep these people in your prayers


with elections looming, Nigeria has seen an upsurge in violence. the christmas eve bombings set off tit-for-tat violence that has killed more than 200 people.

on 27 january, in the predominantly muslim Bauchi state in northern Nigeria, arguments between muslims and the large christian population escalated into violence. estimates of the number of fatalities range from 25 to 96 people. christian leaders asserted that muslim extremists used an incident over a billiards table as a pretext for unleashing attacks with a stockpile of weapons hidden in mosques. on the same day, muslim assailants, led by a police officer from Abuja, killed 14 christians, in four christian villages on the outskirts of Jos. the grace of apostolic church in the Dogon karfe area of the city was also demolished. this was followed by violent clashes at the university of Jos, which left at least four people dead and 20 injured.

as you can see these people are loosing there lives and need our prayers and support.

open doors project can only do so much to help these believers but what happens when it all gets way out of control. please i urge you to keep them in your prayers and do what you can to support and help these poor persecuted christians

untill next time

skywatcher xx

hidden agendas?

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with all these world political figures acting like there the bigwig who is actually running the show??

is there some kind of secret government that controls the public government??

there’s a lot to think about on this subject I mean do we really know who is in charge?? are the superpowers of the world under the control of someone in the shadows?

who’s idea was it for the U.N and N.A.T.O to step in and intervene in Libya? as far as I can remember it was england and france. there were a few country’s and still are that were opposed to taking action in the first place.

if a country is already so much in debt how can it afford to go to war?? shall we ask Obama or David Cameron? they will only find ways to try to justify they’re actions. what if Col. Gaddafi wasnt the real bad guy here?  do any of you see a pattern forming here?? first there was Afghanistan and Iraq now Libya where to next?? what will their excuses be next time?? and of course us poor ordinary people like us that have to suffer the cost of these wars with our taxes and the price of oil hitting an all time high.

the way I see it is these country’s are trying to expand there control worldwide by secretly instigating wars and cause unrest in the country’s they see most profitable. now I know these ideas my sound a little absurd but think about it realistically what does the U.N and N.A.T.O have to gain stepping in? once Col.Gaddafi has been killed or arrested who will take over? will they put someone in control who they can easily manipulate? look at what they did in Iraq look at Afghanistan and look at Egypt. Syria will be the next country that they will feel the need to intervene and when that happens and america and the uk gain more control over the middle east then we know that there will be problems.

,At its height the british empire was the largest empire in history and, for over a century, was the foremost global power By 1922 the british empire held sway over about 458 million people, one-quarter of the world’s population at the time, and covered almost a quarter of the earths total land area. but after the second work war it became bankrupt and had to get a loan from america for 3.6 billion dollars. by 1997 the british empire was no more.Britain retains sovereignty over 14 territories outside the British Isles, which were renamed the british overseas territory’s in 2002. Some are uninhabited except for transient military or scientific personnel; the remainder are self-governing to varying degrees and are reliant on the UK for foreign  relations and defence.

but is the british empire well and truly over?? I think not! many of the country’s that were in the british empire now form the commonwealth. and while I believe that the commonwealth is harmless there is always that risk that they could be a sleeping giant. I think the ones to watch out for are N.A.T.O and the U.N.

what happens if today new alliances are forming? china and russia were both opposed to the stepping in of Libya and if those two were to unite then what would happen to the rest of us? could this possibly trigger a new world war bigger and more deadly than the last two?

the day of judgement is coming people and we all need to repent if we wished to be saved.

untill next time my friends

skywatcher xx