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christians at risk

i have been reading about the sacrifices some people make for their religion and it bring me to tears to hear about the things these people have to go through for their faith.

here are just a few examples:


after the uprising in Egypt, Libya has been plunged into chaos as rebel forces try to oust colonel Gaddafi from power. we don’t yet know the effect this has on Libya’s small church but in the current volatile situation , everything that is ‘different’ is a cause for suspicion, and many believers are scared of what could happen to them.

fears are also being expressed by the larger expat church made up of mainly african believers who are worried for their safety on two counts: for being believers and for being black Africans.

“its much worse than what you see on the news” one open doors contact has said “there are no police in the street, no safety and protection anymore. please pray for Libya and for the christians…pray the almost impossible prayer that Gaddafi will come to his senses and that peace can be restored. christians are afraid it will become civil war, and that will damage so many things”

please pray for Libya prey for an end to the violence and pray for the safety of indigenous believers and foreign christians.


at least one christian was killed and more than 3,000 displaced when thousands of muslim extremists set fire to 59 churches and 28 homes in Asendabo, Jimma.  the violence began on the 1st march after muslims accused christians of tearing up a copy of the Quran. more than 400 christians fled to Jimma Town, where they were welcomed by local christians who broke into tears, crying out to god to intervene in the attacks. the numbers of the displaced are increasing daily. one church worker said that at least 2,500 believers were huddled in a place called Ako without food or shelter or medicine.

please I urge you to keep these people in your prayers


with elections looming, Nigeria has seen an upsurge in violence. the christmas eve bombings set off tit-for-tat violence that has killed more than 200 people.

on 27 january, in the predominantly muslim Bauchi state in northern Nigeria, arguments between muslims and the large christian population escalated into violence. estimates of the number of fatalities range from 25 to 96 people. christian leaders asserted that muslim extremists used an incident over a billiards table as a pretext for unleashing attacks with a stockpile of weapons hidden in mosques. on the same day, muslim assailants, led by a police officer from Abuja, killed 14 christians, in four christian villages on the outskirts of Jos. the grace of apostolic church in the Dogon karfe area of the city was also demolished. this was followed by violent clashes at the university of Jos, which left at least four people dead and 20 injured.

as you can see these people are loosing there lives and need our prayers and support.

open doors project can only do so much to help these believers but what happens when it all gets way out of control. please i urge you to keep them in your prayers and do what you can to support and help these poor persecuted christians

untill next time

skywatcher xx


hidden agendas?

The territories that were at one time or anoth...

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with all these world political figures acting like there the bigwig who is actually running the show??

is there some kind of secret government that controls the public government??

there’s a lot to think about on this subject I mean do we really know who is in charge?? are the superpowers of the world under the control of someone in the shadows?

who’s idea was it for the U.N and N.A.T.O to step in and intervene in Libya? as far as I can remember it was england and france. there were a few country’s and still are that were opposed to taking action in the first place.

if a country is already so much in debt how can it afford to go to war?? shall we ask Obama or David Cameron? they will only find ways to try to justify they’re actions. what if Col. Gaddafi wasnt the real bad guy here?  do any of you see a pattern forming here?? first there was Afghanistan and Iraq now Libya where to next?? what will their excuses be next time?? and of course us poor ordinary people like us that have to suffer the cost of these wars with our taxes and the price of oil hitting an all time high.

the way I see it is these country’s are trying to expand there control worldwide by secretly instigating wars and cause unrest in the country’s they see most profitable. now I know these ideas my sound a little absurd but think about it realistically what does the U.N and N.A.T.O have to gain stepping in? once Col.Gaddafi has been killed or arrested who will take over? will they put someone in control who they can easily manipulate? look at what they did in Iraq look at Afghanistan and look at Egypt. Syria will be the next country that they will feel the need to intervene and when that happens and america and the uk gain more control over the middle east then we know that there will be problems.

,At its height the british empire was the largest empire in history and, for over a century, was the foremost global power By 1922 the british empire held sway over about 458 million people, one-quarter of the world’s population at the time, and covered almost a quarter of the earths total land area. but after the second work war it became bankrupt and had to get a loan from america for 3.6 billion dollars. by 1997 the british empire was no more.Britain retains sovereignty over 14 territories outside the British Isles, which were renamed the british overseas territory’s in 2002. Some are uninhabited except for transient military or scientific personnel; the remainder are self-governing to varying degrees and are reliant on the UK for foreign  relations and defence.

but is the british empire well and truly over?? I think not! many of the country’s that were in the british empire now form the commonwealth. and while I believe that the commonwealth is harmless there is always that risk that they could be a sleeping giant. I think the ones to watch out for are N.A.T.O and the U.N.

what happens if today new alliances are forming? china and russia were both opposed to the stepping in of Libya and if those two were to unite then what would happen to the rest of us? could this possibly trigger a new world war bigger and more deadly than the last two?

the day of judgement is coming people and we all need to repent if we wished to be saved.

untill next time my friends

skywatcher xx


new beginnings??

are we going into a new beginning?

is the earth going into a new phase??

who knows, but one thing is for sure times are changing and people are starting to question why?

there is a whole book in the bible dedicated to the end times prophecy. the bible states that there will be signs to say when we are in the end times but are we there already? 

scientists will say no, that there is many scientific explanations as to the earths current events and there are also many conspiracy theory’s. there is mountains of scientific evidence to show this universe is changing and has been since the dawn of time but is this a natural occurrence or is this a supernatural one? looking at some of the evidence myself its very easy to get misled (I don’t claim to be a scientist, im just a normal person who takes interest in the world around me). there’s a lot of data and graphs out there that show the world is constantly changing, evolving even. but when there is so much chaos and destruction how are we to believe this. are we to believe these are the works of mother nature or are the from something else?? if there is nothing to worry about and all is safe why are the government spraying stuff into our sky’s (chemtrails). whats is with all the increasing seismic activity and what does it mean? why are volcanos suddenly becoming active?? surely these things cannot be a coincidence.

many people have the opinion that there is a “new world order” trying to unite the world under one government to “make the world a better place” if this was to come true, we would all be sentenced to a lifetime of unhappiness……….unless we all agree that a “one world government” is the only way forward.

I have had visions of things to come but I don’t believe we are in the end times just yet. I have seen the earth-shaking itself to the core and millions of people dying but I don’t believe these are happening now. I have seen the sky turn red with fire in my visions and I have seen rain turning yellow falling from the sky. GOD has shown me these thing to prepare myself. I want to share these with you so you can also prepare. now I cannot tell you that these things will happen soon, they may happen in many hundreds of years to come but one thing is for sure it WILL happen.

if these things do happen soon then I can only say they have been bought on prematurely by darker forces (new world order). look how the united nations have forced their way into Libya. look at what has happened this year in the middle east. egypt ousting their leader, col. Gaddafi at war with his own people, Syria has started to revolt against their leader!! here in the u.k peaceful protests have been turned into hooligans rioting round central london. there is a mass world debt but who is this debt to?

im not saying theses things can’t just happen but it’s awfully strange theses things are all happening at once.

please I would love to hear you thoughts and opinions on all that I have spoken about and maybe some of you have the answers I am looking for. I would be interested in what you have to say as I am very open-minded.

please don’t misunderstand what I have said I DONT have the answers and maybe some of the stuff I have written is wrong. these are just my opinions that I am sharing with you all.

untill next time

skywatcher x

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