christians at risk

i have been reading about the sacrifices some people make for their religion and it bring me to tears to hear about the things these people have to go through for their faith.

here are just a few examples:


after the uprising in Egypt, Libya has been plunged into chaos as rebel forces try to oust colonel Gaddafi from power. we don’t yet know the effect this has on Libya’s small church but in the current volatile situation , everything that is ‘different’ is a cause for suspicion, and many believers are scared of what could happen to them.

fears are also being expressed by the larger expat church made up of mainly african believers who are worried for their safety on two counts: for being believers and for being black Africans.

“its much worse than what you see on the news” one open doors contact has said “there are no police in the street, no safety and protection anymore. please pray for Libya and for the christians…pray the almost impossible prayer that Gaddafi will come to his senses and that peace can be restored. christians are afraid it will become civil war, and that will damage so many things”

please pray for Libya prey for an end to the violence and pray for the safety of indigenous believers and foreign christians.


at least one christian was killed and more than 3,000 displaced when thousands of muslim extremists set fire to 59 churches and 28 homes in Asendabo, Jimma.  the violence began on the 1st march after muslims accused christians of tearing up a copy of the Quran. more than 400 christians fled to Jimma Town, where they were welcomed by local christians who broke into tears, crying out to god to intervene in the attacks. the numbers of the displaced are increasing daily. one church worker said that at least 2,500 believers were huddled in a place called Ako without food or shelter or medicine.

please I urge you to keep these people in your prayers


with elections looming, Nigeria has seen an upsurge in violence. the christmas eve bombings set off tit-for-tat violence that has killed more than 200 people.

on 27 january, in the predominantly muslim Bauchi state in northern Nigeria, arguments between muslims and the large christian population escalated into violence. estimates of the number of fatalities range from 25 to 96 people. christian leaders asserted that muslim extremists used an incident over a billiards table as a pretext for unleashing attacks with a stockpile of weapons hidden in mosques. on the same day, muslim assailants, led by a police officer from Abuja, killed 14 christians, in four christian villages on the outskirts of Jos. the grace of apostolic church in the Dogon karfe area of the city was also demolished. this was followed by violent clashes at the university of Jos, which left at least four people dead and 20 injured.

as you can see these people are loosing there lives and need our prayers and support.

open doors project can only do so much to help these believers but what happens when it all gets way out of control. please i urge you to keep them in your prayers and do what you can to support and help these poor persecuted christians

untill next time

skywatcher xx


About skywatcher2011

i am new to this blogging and my life has been chaotic i am thankful for everyone who has been a part of it. i am a Christian and i have very strong beliefs and opinions and would like to share my experiences with god and all of you out there in need of a little inspiration xxx

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