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end times???

Plate tectonic movements measured by GPS devices.

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are all these earthquakes a sign of something bigger to come?

as we all know japan has been tortured by earthquakes since its big one but now quakes are happening more frequently around the world. is this just mother nature or is it something else?

many people say the earth is going through a transitional phase and that there is the possibility of a pole shift taking place, do we believe this? surly the bible verses in revelations are now becoming relevent about the earth being shaken?

some people also believe that this might have something to do with “planet x” but why are theer no specific answers about this. are we being spoon fed lies? I know I ask a lot of questions and give few answers but in all my research I cannot find one sure-fire thing that can tell me what is happening to our planet. is the truth that we really don’t know? with all the modern tech we have today there must be something that can tell us.

as we can see here Greece had a big, non-catastrophic earthquake

japan has been plagued by “aftershocks” and there are many other places that are being struck by these quakes aswell

is there something out there that is the cause of these? I still have a lot to look into on this subject and am far from being an expert but I do find all this very interesting!


So The World May Know


I don’t know.  Maybe it’s just me.  But this one?  Probably the best lyrics I’ve heard.  Totally just got to me.
The nerve pain hit again hard.  The weird neck stuff.  Then my legs feeling like jelly.  I can’t lie.  I felt really terrible.  I was just praying… I have so much peace.  So much peace. I know God is more than enough for me!!  It is so beyond what I can comprehend.  I just can’t contain His Love.  It’s so so so beautiful
This song got to me… because it’s almost the exact way I’ve been praying.  I want to care at the level God cared.  I want to understand more about the gospel than anything else in this world.  I don’t want to serve God for His stuff… or for personal comfort… but instead completely and fully for His Glory.  I want to be strong because through weakness, we are made strong.  I want to be so captivated by God that I’m willing to give up everything.. pour our my life.. no matter what… so that He is glorified.  The burning in me that wants more of Jesus is greater than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life.  I want to lay down everything and die completely to myself… I want God to search my heart and light me on fire completely for His Glory.  I know that with Him nothing is impossible.  I’m not strong enough but God is more than enough
So I heard this song.. and I thought “wow God  –  THIS IS IT”
Totally put the desires of my heart in one song.  Wanted to share it with y’all and hope it blesses you as much as it blessed me.
Now I’m ready to hit the sack with an overflowing and grateful heart that is focused on Jesus.  Time after time, He is faithful.   So so so faithful.   My hope is in the Lord.


You thought of us before the world began to breathe
And you knew our names before we came to be
You saw the very day we’d fall away from you
And how desperately we need to be redeemed

Lord Jesus come lead us
We’re desperate for your touch

Oh Great and Mighty One, with one desire we come
That you would reign, that you would reign in us
We’re offering up our lives, a living sacrifice
That you would reign, that you would reign in us

Spirit of the Living God fall fresh again
Come search our hearts and purify our lives
We need your perfect love
We need your discipline
We’re lost unless you guide us with your light

Lord Jesus come lead us
We’re desperate for your touch

We cry out
For your love to refine us cry out
For your love to define us cry out
For your mercy to keep us blameless until you return

You would reign in us

So reign, please reign in us
Come purify our hearts we need your touch
Come cleanse us like a flood and send us out
So the world may know you reign, you reign in us

is the church going wrong?

i was at church this morning and i was overwhelmed by the utter nonsense they were preaching so much so that i was bought to tears.

yet again i felt as though my church were just paying “lip service” and i really feel that this church is starting to stray for the true message of the bible. their hearts might well be in the right place but they are being ruled by their heads.

as i was sitting there all that kept going through my head was Isaiah 29:13

Then the lord said:

“because this people draw near with

their words

And honor me with their lip service,

but they remove their hearts far from me,

and their reverence for me consists of

tradition by rote

it then goes on to say in verse 13

therefore behold i will once again deal

marvelously with this people,

wondrously marvelous;

and the wisdom of their wise men will


and the discernment of their discerning

men will be conceived”

this i feel is so relevant to my church as i feel they are taking Christ in the wrong direction.

it saddens me that these so-called leaders are so passionless and think that if they say the right words they are doing the right thing.

whats your view on your church??

i feel something needs to be said to them but what can i do if they don’t want to listen. the leaders are so unapproachable its shocking! if your willing to stand there a do a sermon then you should be willing to meet and answer questions from your parish. every other church ive been to have been fine with this so why is my church not??

sorry i feel as tho ive been ranting but thanx for taking the time to read

good night and god bless

skywatcher xxx