end times???

Plate tectonic movements measured by GPS devices.

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are all these earthquakes a sign of something bigger to come?

as we all know japan has been tortured by earthquakes since its big one but now quakes are happening more frequently around the world. is this just mother nature or is it something else?

many people say the earth is going through a transitional phase and that there is the possibility of a pole shift taking place, do we believe this? surly the bible verses in revelations are now becoming relevent about the earth being shaken?

some people also believe that this might have something to do with “planet x” but why are theer no specific answers about this. are we being spoon fed lies? I know I ask a lot of questions and give few answers but in all my research I cannot find one sure-fire thing that can tell me what is happening to our planet. is the truth that we really don’t know? with all the modern tech we have today there must be something that can tell us.

as we can see here Greece had a big, non-catastrophic earthquake


japan has been plagued by “aftershocks” and there are many other places that are being struck by these quakes aswell


is there something out there that is the cause of these? I still have a lot to look into on this subject and am far from being an expert but I do find all this very interesting!


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i am new to this blogging and my life has been chaotic i am thankful for everyone who has been a part of it. i am a Christian and i have very strong beliefs and opinions and would like to share my experiences with god and all of you out there in need of a little inspiration xxx

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