End Of The World??

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is there really something to all those theory’s out there that say the world is ending soon but is this really the case??

i am of the opinion that the answer is no.  i have done a lot of research along with a friend of mine and i have come to the conclusion that whatever is going on with the world it’s not the end. there are a lot of natural events that might possibly give the impression of a E.L.E (extinction level event) happening  but i think if it was going to happen then the signs would be bigger. the earth would be SCREAMING at us. yes there a lot of big quakes happening and a few are quite jaw-dropping but i believe and i hope im wrong, but i believe that these events would be happening daily if the end of the world was about to happen.


i would love to hear your theories and opinions on what you think is happening but the only one person that has the answer is GOD almighty xx

peace skywatcher xx


About skywatcher2011

i am new to this blogging and my life has been chaotic i am thankful for everyone who has been a part of it. i am a Christian and i have very strong beliefs and opinions and would like to share my experiences with god and all of you out there in need of a little inspiration xxx

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