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End Of The World??

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is there really something to all those theory’s out there that say the world is ending soon but is this really the case??

i am of the opinion that the answer is no.  i have done a lot of research along with a friend of mine and i have come to the conclusion that whatever is going on with the world it’s not the end. there are a lot of natural events that might possibly give the impression of a E.L.E (extinction level event) happening  but i think if it was going to happen then the signs would be bigger. the earth would be SCREAMING at us. yes there a lot of big quakes happening and a few are quite jaw-dropping but i believe and i hope im wrong, but i believe that these events would be happening daily if the end of the world was about to happen.


i would love to hear your theories and opinions on what you think is happening but the only one person that has the answer is GOD almighty xx

peace skywatcher xx