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power of prayer

i havent been on here recently and that’s because i lost my inspiration. it has been a very hard journey but fortunately i think im back on track.

it all got me thinking though about a lot of things and one thing that stood out for me was although i know that i have to face my problems by myself im never truly alone. im so thankful i have found the lord to guide me and offer me strength when i need it most.

it struck me more than ever how relevent the footsteps in the sand poem is relevent to my life as im sure its relevent to many of yours out there!

i felt as thought a big black cloud was taking over my life and i had lost my way because i had lost my faith. now don’t get me wrong i still went to church and still had all my friends and family around me but i felt very isolated. i felt as though i was just going through the motions to please everyone else and to prove i was ok when inside i was really dying. i felt like screaming at everyone to look beneath the surface and see that i was hurting but no-one did. that’s when i fell to my knees and prayed harder and more passionate that i have ever done before.

im not saying that my prayer was answered there and then but just that initial asking for help was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and from that moment on i was able to ask my friends and family for the help i needed.

people around me started to notice that there was something wrong and were so kind in helping me to get back on my feet again and reminded me why i loved them in the frist place as my family at church. im so grateful for these people and im grateful to have the love of my god to help and guide me through every step of my life


amen xx